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  Art Classes ...

The classes are small, 6-8 people in total. This allows you lots of individual attention and guidance. My classes are structured, but also allow a lot of room for personal experimentation with the mediums provided.

The introductory class is particularly good for those who say ‘I cannot draw!’ ... I beg to differ, so if you have a feeling you would like to draw and paint but have no idea where to begin, come along and surprise yourself. During the classes I will demonstrate the thing I would like you to try, and I will show you examples of my own work, including experimentations, which will then give you an idea of the possibilities of the medium we are working with. My classes are very relaxed and unintimidating; every body works at a level they are comfortable with.

All drawing and painting mediums will be provided, but you will need to bring your own A3 size sketch book. (If you have your own pencils or paints you would like to try, then please bring them along to the relevant class, see below).

All classes cost £40 and are in blocks of five weeks, each week is two hours.


This is designed as an introductory course to techniques and materials. It will help you to find what medium you feel comfortable with and also those you do not. By the end of the 5 week block you should feel more confident about your ability to draw and what areas of art you would like to explore further.

Week 1. Basic drawing techniques. We will look at creating simple shapes and shading them, and how this then can be transferred to other images. Pencils, charcoal, pen and ink.

Week 2. We will be using the same mediums as last week but looking at ellipses (the ovals used to make the shapes of bottles etc.), and negative space (the space between objects, this helps with proportions).

Week 3. We will continue to draw, this time introducing colour using pastels, and coloured pencils.

Week 4. This week if everybody is comfortable we will introduce painting starting with simple exercises in Inks and Watercolours.

Week 5. …… And finally with water based oils and acrylics.


This class looks at how to create texture and patterns through various drawing methods. By the end of the five week block you should feel more confident about experimenting with different ways of drawing.

Week 1. We will be looking at basic shapes in composition. By working in pencil, charcoal, and pen. We will see how these different mediums are suited to creating different marks and effects.

Week 2. We will experiment with creating pattern and texture using different drawing materials and implements.

Week 3. Perspective. How to draw a landscape or townscape in proportion. (A good practice, even if you then wish to distort that). Subtractive charcoal, working from dark to light, messy but fun.

Week 4. Sketching using ink and washes, and also how window mounts can help with composition.

Week 5. Composition. What makes a good composition? How to engage with your audience? How to capture a mood?


I love mixed media! People often ask, ‘What is mixed media?’ It can be anything from a picture using a simple combination of ink and chalk pastel, to an image composed of materials not usually associated with paintings, such as glue, straw, mud, shells, the list is endless. In this class we will be experimenting with some methods of creating rich texture.

Week 1. Experiments with P.V.A glue. Glue resisting paint and pastel, glue with sand added, and glue mixed with paint.

Week 2. Creating texture with an acrylic primer.

Week 3. Scraffito – Ink over oil pastels, which you then scratch back into. Can also be done in reverse, oil pastels over ink.

Week 4. Create an image from techniques gleaned over the past weeks.

Week 5. Finish image and any outstanding experiments.

Please   email me here   for more details and information.