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  Selected Exhibitions ...
• Castle Douglas Art Gallery.
   Wednesday 23rd April until Sunday 4th May, 2014.
• Castle Douglas Art gallery. Solo Exhibition.
   August 21st – 31st 2013
• Lochinch Castle Summer fair, Castle kennedy, Stranraer.
   July 20th – 28th 2013
• Castle Douglas Art gallery. Solo Exhibition.
   September 5th – 15th, 2012
• Spring Fling Open Studio in Dumfries and Galloway.
   June 2nd – 5th, 2012
• ‘Glimpses of Galloway’ Solo Exhibition at Threave Gardens.
   5th – 18th June 2011
• Spring Fling Open Studios Event in Dumfries and Galloway.
   28th – 30th May 2011
• ‘The Journey’ Solo Exhibition at the Tolbooth, Kirkcudbright.
   30th March – 9th April 2011
• ‘Off the wall’ Gracefield Arts Centre.
   13th Nov – 24th Dec. 2010
• ‘From the River to the Sea’ Solo Exhibition at
   Castle Douglas Art Gallery. 7th – 17th July 2010
• Harbour gallery Open Exhibition
   24th May – 5th June 2010
• Solo Exhibition at Threave Gardens.
   31st May – 12th June 2010
• Harbour gallery Open Exhibition 2009
• Dumfries and Galloway College of Art and Design
   end of year Exhibition. 2009
• George Street School of Art End of year Exhibition
   2007 and 2008

Personal Statement ...

Nature is the driving force behind my work. I have always lived in the countryside, and for the past 30 years I have resided in the beautiful surroundings of Dumfries and Galloway.

I love the pace of rural living and the peace that can be found in the ‘out of the way’ places. This is reflected in my paintings which often portray peaceful landscapes, or docile, but characteristic animals.

I love the immediacy of placing colour and texture on to the canvas, I feel connected to the subject I am painting, breathing new life and character into it. This mergence of self expression and respect for the subject leads to a unique, optimistic interpretation.

I do not use a paint brush, but instead a series of rollers. Initially it was just a printing roller that I used, but I now have a collection of homemade rollers created form corks, beads and pencil grips, each one lending itself to different marks. I enjoy the challenge of producing a variety of marks from what at first appears a fairly inflexible tool.

I like to work on a large scale, creating works rich in texture, almost sculpting, using both an acrylic primer and acrylic or oil paint.

Curriculum Vitae

2006 -2009 HND Art and Design – Dumfries and Galloway College of Art (George Street)
1980 – 1986 Attended Kilquhanity House School.
Termed as a ‘free’ school where the emphasis was more concerned with the individual being part of the group; relating; empathizing and taking responsibility for oneself, rather than academic greatness.
O-grade passes in Art, Craft and Design, French, Arithmetic

• Painting – Landscape (70cm x 50cm) 2013
• Print – Portrait of grandchild (A4) 2013
• Painting – Animal portrait (60cm x 60cm) 2011
• Painting – Animal portrait (50cm x 50cm) 2010
• Painting – Landscape (158 cm x 105 cm) 2009
• Wall hanging – Floral (70cm x 96cm) 2009


• Adult Art Classes 2011 – 2013
• Art classes for teenager students 2011 – 2013
• Art Support Teacher 2009 – 2011

Arts and Crafts Fair
• Organised, publicised and participated in a local
   Christmas Fair. Dec 2010 & 2011

Arts and Crafts (Therapy based)

Proposal – Sense in mind Scotland, Castle Douglas 2012
• Ran a series of classes introducing mixed media.

Proposal - Drugs and Alcohol Support, Castle Douglas 2011
• Carried out a series of paintings and drawing classes
   with clients at the beat 54 drop in centre

Proposal - National Schizophrenia fellowship
   (now Sense in Mind Scotland) 2010
• Facilitated and ran activities based around the
   use of personal sketch book/journal.

Proposal - Alzheimer Day Care Kirkcudbright 2009
• Created four books of images with services users,
   one for each of the seasons, incorporating a large
   variety of materials.

Work Placement
   - Alzheimer Scotland, Castle Douglas 2008
• Designed projects to aid in communication
   for people suffering from forms of dementia.